Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Salt in a Sock

My friend, Melissa, taught me an awesome trick to help with earaches...

In the past, the second that one of my kids said that their ear hurt, we piled in the car and headed for the doctor to get antibiotics for an ear infection.  I honestly thought that that was the ONLY thing to do when a child's ear hurt...well, since my friend told me of her earache "home remedy", we do this first and have saved several trips to the doctor. (plus unneeded antibiotics)  Which = $$$$ saved too :)

Place 1/2 cup salt in the end of a sock, run under warm water, and hold on child's ear.  The salt draws moisture out of the ear canal and the warmth on the outer ear is soothing!  My son used to be leery of a sock on his ear, but now that he knows it will help, he even asks for one when he feels the ache coming on!!

This remedy will also work in a pinch, like in the middle of the night, before the Tylenol has kicked's worth a me!
Two nights ago, Blake had an earache and since he was already on antibiotics, I went directly to the kitchen to fix a "Salt Sock" for him...I ended up putting an ace bandage around his face to hold the sock in place while he THAT would have been a picture! LOL!

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