Sunday, June 12, 2011

iPhone for Baby

If you have a baby AND an may want to check these cool baby apps out!!!

Baby piano
Peek-a-boo barn
talking Tom
Baby GO
Baby Geek
Wheels on the bus


  1. Question! I was reading about your Smart Talk now is this Iphone you have with SmartTalk? Like we have an Iphone with ATT can we move to Smart talk by getting that sim card you were talking about?

    Just wondering :)

  2. this is not my iphone...i can't afford one, but I do have the Nokia e71, it has awesome apps and is cheap! (similiar to a blackberry) You can however, put a straight talk sim into an at&t phone, most will work, but the data might have to be reconfigured, you can google it...tells exactly what to do!!!