Friday, October 26, 2012

SQUEEZING some fruit into breakfast!

My kiddos love waffles for breakfast, but I hate the fact that the syrup and carbs alone are NOT a healthy way to start the day!  I had been trying to serve sausage and fruit on the side, but guess what was always left on their plates...the fruit.  Even the tastiest fruit will seem sour if you've just licked maple syrup off your fork, so....

I decided to make my own blueberry syrup to cover their waffles with....ta-da!!!!  Fruit served "on" waffles was, obviously not my very own idea! lol!  But making my own "healthier" version is working to get the fruit into my kiddos with less syrup...

berries heated in syrup and left whole

I always have ample frozen wild bluberries around,  i use them in my smoothies everyday, so I just decided to blend some up with a tad of the normal maple syrup, heat for a few seconds in the microwave and pour atop the waffles.  Sometimes I leave the bluberries whole, and sometimes I puree them in my blender to make a smooth syrup...either way "squeezing or sneaking" good stuff into meals is always a challenge for parents, but this is easy and they LOVE IT now!

berries totally blended up with a tad of syrup

Food Deals

I am loving the deals that local supermarkets are running lately!  They are family meal deals!

Dierberg's is running their "Family Style Savings" this week.

You buy a rotisserie chicken and you get FREE mashed potatoes, side of gravy, 1lb green beans, and King's Hawaiian dinner rolls!  That's a super easy dinner for the family!

Schnuck's has a "MEAL DEAL" offer this week!

Purchase a package of Buddig lunchmeat and get FREE american cheese singles, loaf of bread, and a box of Mac n'cheese!

Schnuck's also has a "Dynamite Deal" buy a 12oz prepack of chili or soup and get a Torpedo sandwich for free!