Saturday, April 14, 2012

Loving the Challenge!!!

I am ready to start my second 90 day Challenge with Body by Vi and am so excited!!  I'm a bit slow posting, but that's because I've been so busy!  As of today, I have lost 29lbs and almost 3 pants sizes! I do have a couple of complaints about the Body By Vi Program...#1.  Wearing baggy clothes is miserable, maybe more so than tight ones! I hate pulling up my pants and I don't want to buy new ones, b/c they will be too big soon too!!!  #2. Even my wedding ring is too loose?!?!?  Ugh, those ring adjuster things pinch my finger, I don't think Billy will understand if I tell him that Visalus caused me to NOT wear my ring anymore! lol!  It literally fell off my finger in Walmart, so I'll have to have it resized.  #3. I am missing my tv shows...I have way too much energy to sit down and watch a show!  My dvr is full with things I want to see, but end up making use of my extra energy by doing things that are a bit more constructive! 

I am gonna rock this second challenge because I now have a system that is working for "me".  I absolutely love my vi shakes, they are a real "treat" for me to get to have.  I wake up each morning and have my cup of coffee (with honey & half and half), sometimes I have two cups.  Then, I make my morning usually consists of 8oz skim milk, 2 scoops vi mix, handful of spinach, 1/2 cup frozen bluberries, and 2 Tbs ground flax.  This is so yummy!  I sip that as I run around getting kids and husband off to work, or as I drive to gym.  I immediately start on my water.  I flavor them with raspberry neuros for the gym or an occassional Crystal Light packet, I am using a 32oz rubbermaid container (helps me measure my intake).  I usually have one container down before I even think about a snack, I eat big snacks that are around 200-300 calories, you can see some of them HERE!!!   I refill my water, and usually eat something when the kids have their lunch. My lunch is usually a salad with leftovers, grilled veggies, or turkey/cheese rollups. Sometimes I have breakfast food, cuz I love eggs! I have another shake around 2pm.  This shake is usually just the cake mix flavored regular one, i still just love it plain, it gets me through the afterschool routine and energy to cook dinner for everyone, I am usually not even hungry for dinner, but at least it makes me cook healthier, no big cravings to change my menu plans! lol!  Anyways, somedays I don't get my afternoon shake because we have dinner early or lunch late, whatever, then I just have my 2nd shake as a dessert with dark cocoa powder and mix ins from Kassi's Recipe FB Page!  I try to get 3-32oz containers of water's getting easier and I feel full all the time too!

So, you see...I do not miss a meal, I am just happy that my mind is on something other than FOOD!!  I am busy being healthy, getting stuff done, and being involved with the best company ever!  It feels so good to hear how great a friend or family member is feeling, their health is so important!  If I stopped losing weight on Visalus, I would continue my shakes just for the healhty way it makes me feel, the weight loss is just a mega bonus for me!!  I'm getting ready to start this next challenge, so come one and join it with me!  Contact me for a free sample...100% money back guarantee, what do you have to lose, but inches!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weekly Grocery Shopping 4 Less

I had this weeks menu planned and had Wal-Mart on my errand list to get everything I needed in one know...the way Wal-Mart always sucks me in!  My gym is very close to our local Aldi's store so I glanced at my list and decided that most of what I needed could be gotten there, maybe I'd save a buck or two, why not?!? 

I strolled through, getting what was on my list (mostly dairy and produce) along with a few extras.  I even picked up a spiral cut ham in place of smoked ham for sandwiches.  My cart was overflowing, I always spend $100 on a weeks worth of groceries, but guess what?  I only spent $66.70 and since I even bought a whole ham and extras.....WOW!!!  I guess the pennies really do add up, back to shopping different stores for different deals!  I will not have to go to a store for an entire week, so I am thrilled!