Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Photo reminders for Santa

Over the weeks, leading up to Christmas, my kids will see something in the store that they "just love" and think they have to have...we snap a pic to save or forward to Santa as a reminder, it satifies them, they put it back on the shelf and know that we can revisit it later to see if they really want it on their Santa list.  This ALSO help ME to find the correct item! lol!
"oh Mommy!!  I really hopes Santa brings me this exact
purple piggy" and thanks to this pic....he just may!

Fun Crafty Christmas Gifting!

This year, the kids are giving handmade gifts to the special people in their lives.  They love being creative and it's a great way to make a personalized gift! 

The kids and I had fun putting together a "guy gift basket" for their older sister's boyfriend.  We hadn't met him yet, so we didn't know what he might like...this was a way to still show that we cared.  We picked out guy-food and piled it in a microwave popcorn bowl.  The kids loved the way it turned out and they couldn't wait to give this gift!
They both enjoyed making photo ornaments.  I let them pick them out and then choose the self portrait that they wanted to make them with. Their sister got one ornament of each of them.
Another really cute one was the little angel necklace that we made out of beads and a pipe cleaner!  It was adorable and could be hung over the rear view mirror, a key chain, necklace, or just hang from a handbag, etc...

Our very favorite one is a special memory jar they are making for their dear Aunt Sissy.  It consists of a jar/container filled with 52 special memories, songs, jokes, pictures, etc that she can open weekly.  Every Monday morning, she can reach in and grab out a special surprise from one of the kids.  We took time over a couple family dinners to talk about Aunt Sissy and how special she is to us, I jotted them down and then the kids took little cards and created "memories" for her to open!  This is a gift that will keep giving ALL YEAR!  (can't show pics, because we will ruin the surprise! lol!)