Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring is almost here...and so are my allergies!!!

If there are any other families out there that depend on Zyrtec to ease their itchy, watery eyes...I can save you some money!  I have been buying generic Zyrtec for a couple years now and am always thrilled to find it on sale, even the generic isn't cheap!  It was costing us $17/month, just for mine alone.  NOW, I just found Costco's generic Kirkland Signature brand Zyrtec in a huge bottle of 365 tablets for only $15.95 !!!  That's a WHOLE YEAR for under $20 !!!  It's worth the membership, or if you live near me...I'll get it for you!!  Happy Spring :)

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ATTN: DISH NETWORK subscribers!!!

Just in case you hadn't noticed...if you use Dish Network, you now have STARZ & ENCORE movie channels FREE for a whole year!! 

These are channels #340-377

Thanks Dish!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Win a pair of UGG boots!!

All you have to do is sign up for their free newsletter HERE !!  I know that I want a pair of these super WARM & COMFY boots!!! 

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FREE REDBOX RENTAL  via    Budget Savvy Diva offers a 1 night DVD for free rental code “QM4KTX6″. (This code must be entered at the kiosk.) That’s a buck off; it also reduces Blu-ray rentals to 50 cents.

Mantle Makeover

I have lived in this house for over 4 years and have always "wanted" to paint this mantle.  For some reason, it feels wrong to paint a piece of oak, but I finally did it!  It took me 6 minutes and cost me $2.97.  Seriously!  And I still have almost the whole sample of paint for my next project!  Valspar will mix you up a sample of any color you want for under $3!!   
BEFORE...and YES, I am going to hide those cords, "someday" !!

AFTER....and now just to figure out what wall color to paint!?!?!?

I actually put up a couple pictures too!  I was on a roll!
I even went to the Valspar Website and did the virtual painter and think I might go with a neutral green color.  Should I paint the bricks too???

Friday, February 4, 2011

One eye exam-$25..... Knowing your child DOESN'T need glasses- priceless!

I am happy to have saved money today at the eye doctor.  We have health insurance, but no vision/eye care plan, so I made my son an appointment with an opthamologist instead of an optometrist and got his eye exam for my regular copay, instead of a $65 exam.   I also feel that they "really" checked his eyes well.  He has allergies, so I did state that his eyes are "red" sometimes, so that just in case the insurance wants a medical "reason", I'm covered and I wasn't dishonest.   We pay so much for insurance, that who can afford an eye exam too?!?!?   (We got several free sample eye drops to help out when allergy season hits again, too!)  It's worth the call to your insurance company if you don't have an eye care plan!!

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Thank You Brown Paper Sack

I was visiting a friend today and she mentioned that her kid had a runny nose and she keeps having to take out the germy trash, because he is filling it up with tissues!! I have a kid just like that at my house too, but at least they are putting the tissues in the trash, right?!?!

I start placing brown paper sacks all around the house at the first sign of sniffles. One next to the couch, one next to the bed, one by the chair, etc... The bags stand open on their own, which makes it easy to toss in that yucky tissue and then you can just throw the whole thing away and replace with a new one! It's great to recycle AND keep germs in the bag!

They are also great to ripen fruit in, and I even use them (clean ones, of course) to lay on a cookie sheet and drain fried foods....they absorb grease! So,next time you visit the grocery store, pack your goodies in "paper" and give it a try!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Cheap Sausage & Veggies

This dish was so easy !!  I just chopped up three tri-color bell peppers and one onion into 1 inch chunks, tossed them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a dash of garlic powder.  Roasted them at 425 degrees for 15 minutes, then cut up some turkey kielbasa, tossed it in and roasted an additional 10 minutes...done!  Serve with brown rice and YUMMO!!  Total cost $5.30 for a family of 4 plus leftovers for lunch the next day!! the kids involved with a bell pepper "taste test"  ! It actually got them excited to eat veggies!

RepairPal Review

I just got my first review assignment and at first, I was bummed that it happened to be about auto repair...but then, after checking out RepairPal  I am happy to review it and actually find it very useful.  I just happened to have to repair my own vehicle last month and it saved me almost $285 !!  Doing it yourself DOES SAVE MONEY!!!

RepairPal can help you diagnose your vehicle's problem.  For instance, your vehicle is making a slapping noise under the hood.  When you type in symptoms/sounds, RepairPal will direct you to possible causes, such as your timing belt  , define the part and it's importance, help you locate the right part,  and give you a reliable estimate for the purchase of the part.

If the problem is something that you cannot repair yourself, then  RepairPal can find and rate an automotive repair center near you, giving unbiased rates for parts/repairs. 

You can also use RepairPal to check out the make and model of a vehicle you are considering to buy.  This site gives you detailed information about problem reports, Q&A, recalls, and reviews.  I would definitely check out RepairPals Car Info Tab before purchasing my next vehicle.

Overall, RepairPal is a ONE-STOP auto site, offering FREE info for all your automotive needs!

Free backgrounds for your blog

I just realized that I could go into "template designer" and change the background on my blog.  I keep changing it!!  It is so much fun that I changed my family blog too!!  Check out all the FREE wallpapers at :

I also found  This Site very helpful and will use it next time I make a change...and it's FREE too!

Enjoy and Have Fun!!!

FREE kids 12 month reading program -SAVE $99 !!!

The kids and I just spent an hour reading online story books and singing tons of songs together, thanks to Debbie Does Coupons  for listing this AWESOME deal!

Check out Mighty Book Jr.  for a totally FREE 12 month reading program.  Start by clicking on the "subscribe now" button in the upper right corner.  Enter the code  learntoread   and choose the single household subscription, fill out your info and create an account.  You will have FREE access to a 12 month subscription...a $99.00 strings attached!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Make Money as a Mommy Blogger

I just joined these three Mommy Blogger sites.  I checked out reviews on these before signing up and sharing them.  They give out products for you to review, samples, advertising, and even let you host give-aways for their products...give it a try!

Saving dishes

I don't know about your kids, but MY kids can go through too many cups/glasses in a day! Today, we started something new to help solve the "get a new cup, everytime I need a drink" problem.

Around Christmas I purchased some Window Crayons and they were awesome for the kids to decorate the windows. They had a blast, I posted about it on My Family Blog   So, today, I decided that the kids could decorate their glass, and call it their own...for the whole day!  They have been so proud to "reuse" their own special cup today...I will do this each morning to save dishes and dishwasher space!!!

A BIG thanks and Kid Channels too !!!

FREEBIES 4 MOMS is an awesome blogger that I just met.  She had an awesome tip about FREE online programming that can be watched on your  computer or hooked up to your T.V.  This touches home for me, because I just had to get rid of channels to save money!!  I am totally going to take her up on this tip!   

She even dedicated a post about  FREE ONLINE TV FOR KIDS  to my Money Saving Momma blog, because she saw that my kids miss the Nick and Disney channels....she rocks!  And my kids are gonna be so happy!!  Take her tips and save BIG $$$

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