Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring is almost here...and so are my allergies!!!

If there are any other families out there that depend on Zyrtec to ease their itchy, watery eyes...I can save you some money!  I have been buying generic Zyrtec for a couple years now and am always thrilled to find it on sale, even the generic isn't cheap!  It was costing us $17/month, just for mine alone.  NOW, I just found Costco's generic Kirkland Signature brand Zyrtec in a huge bottle of 365 tablets for only $15.95 !!!  That's a WHOLE YEAR for under $20 !!!  It's worth the membership, or if you live near me...I'll get it for you!!  Happy Spring :)

Be sure to join in on the weekend wander blog hop to meet some great blogging buddies...have a blessed weekend :)

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