Friday, February 4, 2011

Thank You Brown Paper Sack

I was visiting a friend today and she mentioned that her kid had a runny nose and she keeps having to take out the germy trash, because he is filling it up with tissues!! I have a kid just like that at my house too, but at least they are putting the tissues in the trash, right?!?!

I start placing brown paper sacks all around the house at the first sign of sniffles. One next to the couch, one next to the bed, one by the chair, etc... The bags stand open on their own, which makes it easy to toss in that yucky tissue and then you can just throw the whole thing away and replace with a new one! It's great to recycle AND keep germs in the bag!

They are also great to ripen fruit in, and I even use them (clean ones, of course) to lay on a cookie sheet and drain fried foods....they absorb grease! So,next time you visit the grocery store, pack your goodies in "paper" and give it a try!!!

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