Thursday, February 3, 2011

RepairPal Review

I just got my first review assignment and at first, I was bummed that it happened to be about auto repair...but then, after checking out RepairPal  I am happy to review it and actually find it very useful.  I just happened to have to repair my own vehicle last month and it saved me almost $285 !!  Doing it yourself DOES SAVE MONEY!!!

RepairPal can help you diagnose your vehicle's problem.  For instance, your vehicle is making a slapping noise under the hood.  When you type in symptoms/sounds, RepairPal will direct you to possible causes, such as your timing belt  , define the part and it's importance, help you locate the right part,  and give you a reliable estimate for the purchase of the part.

If the problem is something that you cannot repair yourself, then  RepairPal can find and rate an automotive repair center near you, giving unbiased rates for parts/repairs. 

You can also use RepairPal to check out the make and model of a vehicle you are considering to buy.  This site gives you detailed information about problem reports, Q&A, recalls, and reviews.  I would definitely check out RepairPals Car Info Tab before purchasing my next vehicle.

Overall, RepairPal is a ONE-STOP auto site, offering FREE info for all your automotive needs!

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