Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weekly Grocery Shopping 4 Less

I had this weeks menu planned and had Wal-Mart on my errand list to get everything I needed in one know...the way Wal-Mart always sucks me in!  My gym is very close to our local Aldi's store so I glanced at my list and decided that most of what I needed could be gotten there, maybe I'd save a buck or two, why not?!? 

I strolled through, getting what was on my list (mostly dairy and produce) along with a few extras.  I even picked up a spiral cut ham in place of smoked ham for sandwiches.  My cart was overflowing, I always spend $100 on a weeks worth of groceries, but guess what?  I only spent $66.70 and since I even bought a whole ham and extras.....WOW!!!  I guess the pennies really do add up, back to shopping different stores for different deals!  I will not have to go to a store for an entire week, so I am thrilled! 


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