Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pictures As Back Splash

My kitchen doesn't have a back splash, so when I'm at a yard sale and find some cute pictures, I grab em' and place them in my kitchen to add color!  These latest pictures are paintings on canvas with a kitchen/cooking theme...they were only $1 each and I LOVE them.  I am going to put a layer of Scotch guard over them to protect them from the elements of the kitchen! 

Busy Mom's Tips Tuesday Blog Hop


  1. Great iDea!! LOVE LOVE It!....

    hmm..now to clear my counters so I can actually start puttin pictures up! Any ideas for things that are on the countertops?

    email:sophieandmomma at gmail dot com

  2. My countertops get cluttered and I just have to start on one side and work my way clockwise around the kitchen until it's finally cleaned off...it is so hard, if you find tips out there, let me know!!!