Friday, June 24, 2011

Kid Friendly Banana Pudding

When we have a banana or two that gets too dark, we will make banana bread or pudding with it to keep from wasting fruit.  Today, we decided to make pudding:

1-2 boxes instant vanilla or banana pudding
1/2 box vanilla wafers

I usually put 1/2 less milk than the pudding instructions call for when using two boxes.  Sometimes I put the pudding and milk in a zip loc bag and let my kids shake it til it's ready, or it's fun to let them do the 5 minutes of whisking!

I let the kids cut the bananas with butter knives or plastic knives.

Placing the vanilla wafers all over the bottom of the dish is fun for the kids too! 

Place the wafers in the bottom of the dish, layer some bananas, then cover with can layer all ya want!  I like to end with wafers because it's pretty!!

My Mom never used instant pudding, so we would cook our pudding and have it warm...that's the way I REALLY like it!  With the kiddos involved, I just use instant, it's good too!   :)

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