Friday, March 11, 2011

Saving on my cell

I have been with Cingular/At&t mobile for years...I am out of contract and have prided myself on NOT re-entering a contract just to get a new phone.  I buy my phones "unlocked" on eBay or from a seller in China directly and have always loved what I got.  NOW, I want a BETTER phone service at a BETTER price!! 

I want to be able to text and get online without it costing me a fortune.  I started researching services and the rates for data packages is outrageous!!!  BUT...I found a prepaid, no contract, no credit, no strings attached cell phone package called Straight Talk.  They charge $45 per month and you get UNLIMITED talk, UNLIMITED text, and UNLIMITED web!!! I was worried about their service area...I wouldn't want to compromise, or have dropped calls, but I found out that they use the EXACT same At&t towers!   I am currently trying it out as we speak.  I am writing this post while waiting for my son to get out of school...I love it.  They also offer a $30 a month plan that has 1000 minutes, 1000 text, and 30MB of data. 

I did purchase a Nokia e71 with the package.   I can import my old number when I'm sure that I want to disconnect with At&T.  And ya wanna know the kicker???  I figured out how to get this prepaid sim card to work in my Unlocked phone...which means that you can keep your phone!!  (I may buy an unlocked iphone and switch over) I am really excited to research this phone service, I have 30 days to return the phone.  I think that phone companies charge way too much and hope this will help us all save some cash!!

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  1. Stopped by from the blog hop. I have to say I have straight talk and I love my phone.

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