Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy with STAIGHT TALK and saving $$$

Earlier this month I posted about how I wanted to save on my cell phone bill.  After four weeks of trying out the cheaper, "seems to good to be true cell phone company", I am happily a new customer of Straight Talk.   I wanted to really check them out before switching from my old cell phone provider.  I also wanted to be certain before recommending them to my friend and fellow bloggers. 

I have traveled more than 6 hours away through rural areas, where At&t service was completely out and my Straight Talk was available...even the web and data!!  I finally imported my number and I had to deal with the customer service.  As per online reviews, their customer service had low scores, but I personally got an actual human with 2 minutes of calling on every occasion!!  That's big to me AND the human on the other end was polite, informative, and very helpful.  I did have to wait 3 days to get a new sim card in the mail.  That was totally my fault for activating the phone with a new number and then deciding to keep my old number.  They told me that it could take 5-7 business days to arrive, but they expedited with Fed Ex at no add't charge AND credited me for the 3 days that my phone was out. 

I recommend checking them out if you are out of contract with your current cell phone provider...Again, I have unlimited talk and long distance, unlimited text, and unlimited data and web for $45 a added taxes or fees either!    And if you don't need lots of web/data....for $30/mo you get 1000 min, 1000text, and 30 MB of data...not bad!

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