Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kids Consignment Sale Part 1

I have less than two weeks to prepare my items for the largest kids consignment sale around...I am a total procrastinator!  Just thought I'd outline and show how I prepare...

I choose a designated area in my house to call my "sale room". (preferably kid free, too) It becomes cluttered with clothing, toys, books, ironing board, and hangers galore. 

The MAIN supplies that are needed are a notebook, packing tape, Ziploc bags in various sized, rubber bands, red marker, hangers, and a tagging gun or safety pins.  You also need card stock paper to print the tags.

Hangers are also needed...at the end of each sale you can grab a box full!!!

Each season when I change the wardrobes, I pack away items that my kids have outgrown.  I lay them flat inside of a plastic tote with lid.  That way when the sale comes around, I just dig out the totes and start selling!   I have a "sale" notebook that I start out by writing:  Size, Item description, and Price
As I get out an article of clothing, I either match it up to make a set or sell it as an individual piece.  I write it down in my notebook, make sure it is ironed, buttoned, and hung securely on a hanger. It has to face left on the hanger, like a "question mark".   I lay them in a pile in the order that I write them down...then my tags are in order to ease the tagging!

Some sales have an online pricing system that allows you  input your info and watch what sells and for what price.  It is a nice, but the sale I'm participating in this season, has an online bar code system that gives you the option of adding your item description or printing out blank price tags with only your consignor number and price bar coded.  This is so much easier for me because I can print out several pages of each price range I have and write in the item description.  I spend less time inputting info and don't have to match tags to each item.    

Sometimes I put my 7 year old to work, cutting these all apart!
I use Ziploc for all kinds of sale items, then I tape them closed and attach a tag

All ready to sell!

Kids toy sell great in baggies like this...this is the junk toys
 that you love to get rid of !!!

Remember how I mentioned "kid free" earlier??
 This is why..." Mommy I love these!"
I use paper sack to haul my stuff to the sale.  Anything disposable
that you can leave there saves time.  No waiting to get your tubs back!
Another tidbit:  Do NOT be the first appointment to drop off  OR the first for pick-up of unsold merchandise!!!   The reason:  At these huge sales, the items that arrive first always end up on the bottom of the pile, or in a box underneath, never to be seen!!   And pick-up is easier when many of the consignor's have already picked their items up...less waiting and your stuff is easier for the workers to find!  Trust me on these two things, I have done these sales for years and was always excited to get the first appointments available for both dropping and picking, I learned the hard way! 

There is so much more to tell, but for now...I am off to bed!  Happy Selling!

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