Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kids Consignment Sales

I have participated in kids consignment sales for several years now and totally depend on them for income.  I always use the money made at the sale to buy clothes and needed seasonal items at the sale for the kiddos.  I feel like it's a "full circle" kinda thing...I package up toys, puzzles, games, and clothes that they are grown out of, sell them, then buy them new stuff...I make sure to always have left over profits that usually go toward some sort of goal I have set.  This year, the sales will go toward my son's sports acitivities!!  I live in Missouri and have great luck with these two sales.

I put my stuff in the sale that is held first, the leftovers are retagged and put into the second or even a third sale.  The few unsold items that I get back will be taken to my favorite local consignment retail shop to be sold or donated.  It is a wonderful way to make extra money, get to shop, and clear unwanted items from our homes!  Below is also a link that finds the nearest consignment near you...

I will detail out my technique of pricing, tagging, and organizing for the sale as it happens, happy selling :)

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