Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Organizing Seasonal Wardrobes

It is kid's consignment sale time and I have finished two of the three spring sales in my area!  Just getting rid of the outgrown clothes and clearing out the toys that are no longer played with feels great, but to actually make enough money to buy all new clothes for the next season feels just AWESOME!!!

This week I have been working on changing out the kid's wardrobe to get ready for spring...As I remove the winter clothes (keeping a few outfits out for these crazy snow days in March!) I put the ones that they will not be able to wear again next year into a tub marked  "Fall Sale"  and store them downstairs.  (if you lay them flat in the tub, you might get by without ironing!)

If they are big enough that I think they can wear them next fall again, I store them in another tub marked "fall kids clothes" and store them in their attics.  As I change out the wardrobes next fall, I can always add to the sale tub if the clothes end up too small. 

When I get out their spring clothes (of course I always have clothes saved from buying clearance ahead of time and yard sale finds)  I match them into outfits and hang them together in the closet.  I hang church dresses on one side of the closet and regular sundresses and outfits on the other.  I usually match up "play clothes" which are usually comfy stretchy shorts and tee shirts and fold them in a drawer.  I never have to worry if the kids will pick a matching outfit, I can ask them to go pick an outfit and they feel great getting to choose all by themselves...we are all happy this way :)   

hang matching outfits together

dresses all together too

play clothes folded in sets together

summer shoes ready in over the door organizer

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