Friday, March 4, 2011

Making money to clothe my kids!

I love yard sales!!  We live in an area with lots of subdivisions and that means lots of homes having yard sales.  My sister and I usually head out by 6am on Saturday morning to start hitting them.   MOST of my kids clothes and toys are from yard sales. I find the most wonderful things for so cheap at sales.  Sometimes like-new clothes are 25 cents each...I know that sounds crazy, but my kids dress good.  I would never let them wear something with stains, holes, or anything that looks dated. 

When my kids outgrow the clothes,  I put them in the "kids consignment sales" and actually make a profit.  The extra money, I usually spend right back on them again or save some for more yard sales!  How can you go wrong?  Buy kids clothes cheap, let them wear them all season, then resell for more than you gave!!! 

Sometimes I feel that it's almost cheating the system, but then I remember that the people at the yard sales sell their stuff to "get it gone" and make some cash, so I'm helping them out.  I am keeping my kids clothed AND participating in the kid's sales that I love.  I also get to donate unsold items to local missions.  I honestly cannot imagine having to go out and buy my kids all new clothes!  I am so spoiled and I can afford to spoil my kids this way too!

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