Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time Saving Lunch Making

That sounds like a tongue-twister AND that's just how my brain felt making all these lunches and breakfasts first thing in the morning!!!  The first day of school threw me off...I try sooo hard to be organized and NOT stressed and yelling before school, but it never fails...I get down to the last few minutes and freak out!  Shoes?  Teeth brushed? Backpack? Lunch box?  Car keys?  Oh yeah, the kids loaded up for the haul to school! LOL!

Thinking about what to pack in lunches, making sandwiches, and preparing breakfast all at the same time BEFORE I have even taken a drink of my coffee IS NOT gonna work!  So, I took the advice of my dear friend, Karen, and packed the lunches the night before.  Morning came,  I had everything ready to pack, backpack by the door, clothes laid out, and all went smoothly!  I have to keep this schedule if I want to keep my sanity...I can't believe how my brain overloads so quickly!  If anyone has any tips to making life easier, please fill me in!!

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