Saturday, August 6, 2011

Skip the sandwich bags...GO reusable !!

I pack my both my husband's and my son's lunch for school so I use alot of baggies.  I really wanted to get away from throwing so much plastic and money away, so, after an entire summer of reducing usage and testing out other options, I found one!!  I bought some  Ziploc divided containers with sealing lid.

You can buy a two pack for approx $2.40.  They are washable and reusable.  Mine have lasted more than 3 months without any leakage.  I pack my husband's lunch in them almost everyday.  The large section holds a large sandwich or entree, the side areas hold the pretzels or snack, and a fruit or yogurt.  They do not leak into each other as they seal around each individual compartment. 

I even bought Blake's lunchbox according to whether it would fit this container.  I found this lunch bag at TARGET for $ was the largest "back to school" purchase!  Hopefully worth it since you can carry it upright or sideways, it fits my reusable container, AND has a place for his thermos.  It even has an outer pouch for dry snacks or napkin and plastic wear.  It is made of an anti-microbial fabric. 

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