Thursday, August 11, 2011

Miracle for the Skin

My doctor recommended Aquaphor.  It is made by Eucerin and since I had a huge tub of cream already, I just decided to use what I already have...As it turns out, it really DOES need to be daughter has had a rash on her chin off and on for 6 months...she is allergic to sunscreen I think, but anyways, any time a skin issue is brought to my doctor's attention, she ALWAYS tells me to buy Aquaphor!!  Well, the last time we had to visit her, I ran to Walgreen's right after the appointment and bought a tube of the name brand Aquaphor...I was frustrated and felt ridiculous spending $6 bucks on a little tube of salve since I have 5 others at home...Thank goodness I did!! 

 It has proven to be a miracle skin ointment around my home...diaper rash, sunburn, bug bites, rashes, itchy bumps, dry skin, even scrapes/minor cuts heal almost immediately!    My elbows have NEVER been so soft!  When you apply it to irritated chafing, it immediately makes it feel was the best money spent...and it has lasted so long b/c it only takes a tiny bit!!  Next time you need skin help, give this a try :)

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  1. I love Aquaphor! I don't think there's anything better out there.