Friday, August 5, 2011

Calendar Corner

I used to have a really cute calendar that matched my kitchen.  These busy days of planning and organizing have made me change to a more practical one.  It is BIG, ugly, and plain.  It is large enough to write ALL our activities, appointments, and useful info.  It was only $4 in the school supply isle...And it's good for the next 18 months!

Today was the day that I got out the info that the school sent me to fill in the school year's calendar!  We have lots of extra days off and the school year is planning to end on May 17th this year!  I wrote in all the classroom party days, holidays, parent-teacher conferences, and PTO events...I am ready for this new school year and hopefully getting back on schedule!

1 comment:

  1. It seems like no one can get this organized without a large calendar anymore. I like the way it looks on top of your chalkboard.