Sunday, August 7, 2011

MY school binder

While at a friends house, I noticed that she had a binder for her son's school stuff...I HAD to have one!  I could not live without "MY school binder"  It actually has more than just school stuff inside, but it is centered around my son's school activities.  This binder keeps my head straight...ALL school papers have a place inside.

Of course, it's decorated with the MAIN subject!!

Inside pocket has items that need attention...(I still need to order an 8x10
from Blake's last year's pics!)   A zipper pocket keeps a pen,
bookmarks for Blake, and appointment cards, note paper to write
to the teacher when needed.

I print off FREE calendars to add in and help keep track of special events

This is the SCHOOL section, including school phone numbers, teacher's
directory, letter from his teacher about supplies, etc.

The HOMEWORK section still has Ziplocs filled with learning games from
last years class!  At least we still know where they!!

Other sections are for activities like, soccer, dance, church, and medical


  1. That is such a a great binder! You are so much more organized than I am! Wanted to thank you for joining the hop! New follower :)

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