Monday, January 31, 2011

Tips to prepare for a winter storm

I've found that being prepared for the storm, usually makes the storm stay away...hope it works this time! Saint Louis is under a blizzard warning with accumulating ice and then large amounts of snow. My Brother and his family went through an 18 day isolation- due to ice (without electric, water, or being able to drive anywhere).  Some of the best tips to make it through an emergency like this is:

*Put a pair of big socks on over your shoes to walk on ice!!  It works!!

*Fill your bathtub up with water so that if you lose power/water, you can use it to water animals and flush the toilet.

*Use oil lamps for light, they put off a bit of warmth too!  But get batteries ready for flashlights too!

*You can bring in solar outdoor lights if you get desperate!!

*Get all your dishes and clothes/blankets washed up in case you need them all before electric comes back on.

*Be prepared to hang blankets in doorways to keep ONE room warm...and cuddle up!

*Charge up cell phones, laptops, and have a battery operated radio nearby.

*Wrap your water pipes that are near an outer wall with newspaper and duct tape.  Leave your water drip a tiny bit, and open cabinet doors if your sink is on an exterior wall.

*Have food that is ready-to-eat, beef jerky, crackers, tuna, granola, etc...and plenty of drinking water.

*If you have to travel, fill your gas tank in case you get stranded. Pack extra clothes in case you need a hotel.  Don't forget  food, drinks, and a thermal blanket. 

*STAY IN if at all possible!! 

If you have ideas to add, I would LOVE to hear about them!! 

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