Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hand made bird feeders

My son had a school project to make different types of bird feeders. The first one was a pine cone covered in peanut butter and then rolled in birdseed. Then hung by a string for the birdies to feast on!

Then my friend, Karen told me about an easier feeder to make that the birds will like even let my two year old make the next one:   Tie a string around one half of a whole wheat bagel, spread peanut butter on the flat side, then dip into bird seed and " TA DA" !!  And it even gets better, she said to zip them up in a ziploc with the string hanging out so that when we were ready to hang them, we just tie it to the hanger and then unzip the baggie and another "TA DA" !!!  No bird seed astray! 

The third and final one was made out of a big empty peanut butter container.  We cut out an area toward the bottom  for the birds to be able to reach through, poked a hole in the lid to tie the string and then filled with an inch of bird seed!   Super Easy and THREE feeders our birds should be totally covered!!

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