Monday, January 24, 2011

Different Items at Different Stores

I used to think "convenience" above all!  I would happily pay extra to avoid dragging the kids into several different stores.  When I would make multiple stops, I would end up over spending at ALL of them (partly thinking, " I may not get back here in a while, so I better load up).  Definitely not productive on saving time OR money!  So, now I just make a list for each store and stick to it.  I know there are several items that really save me to buy them at a specific place.  Here's what my list looks like:

I split a membership with my sister and then we share with friends. My aunt has a Sam's Club membership so we can compare prices!  Then sometimes, we buy bulk and split it between us to get more for our money!

peanut butter
Extra virgin olive oil is  cheaper by the gallon!
Specialty cheeses are way cheaper here!
All natural turkey breast is only $3.89/lb (but in a 2.5 lb pkg)
Most of my meats- I separate and package into freezer bags for many meals
Salad mix

Has certain items that are always cheaper, but sometimes doesn't carry items that I need

Fit & Active protein bars
Facial cream ( I know it's hard to believe, but it has retinol & Q10 in it for only $4 & hydrates well!)

Only a few items that are constant for me here, but they run great sales!

100% whole wheat frozen waffles-$1.28/box (always)
Shredded cheese goes on sale occasionally
produce is fresh

I am not proud that Walmart gets so much of my money, but the "one stop shop" is worth quite a bit to me.  This is where I buy most of my stuff.  It is right down the road and consistently has low prices and all under one roof.

Pull-ups  -White cloud is cheaper even than buying in bulk at my Costco
Milk is hormone free now
Boneless skinless chicken breast is $1.78/lb always
Frozen veggies

I just started buying my bread here.  It is NOT outdated.  They carry whole grains.  Name brands.  I can buy 100% whole wheat (exactly what I would normally buy for $2.88 @ Walmart) for 79 cents!!  That's huge savings. I buy a month's worth and freeze it.  Just don't store on top of fridge...just learned that the other's the worst place because of the motor.  Let thaw & store in cool dark area.

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