Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good-bye Channels (Save on Dish Network)

Well, with the recent job scare, I just down-sized my Dish Network. It is one monthly cost at the bottom of the "necessity" list, since we don't have an antenna, I wanted to try to keep "some" television, not just rid of it. I can't believe how hard it is to get rid of channels that you have grown "used" to having. But come on, I shouldn't be feeling sorry for myself, I'm just getting rid of channels, NOT some huge sacrifice! It will decrease my monthly bill by 55% though!!!! I am now paying $20.99 for the Welcome Pack. I don't believe they advertise this program, openly, but if you have a life-changing event, they will give it to you!

Here is what we now have: (the biggest change will be NO Disney or Nick for the kids, they don't need to be watching so much TV anyways, right?)

Welcome Pack
100 Home-local weather
102 TV Guide
103 PPV Movie Previews
107 Comedy Central
110 Food Network
112 Home & Garden
120 History
127 Oxygen
128 Women’s Entertainment
130 AMC
137 QVC
139 TBS
161 MTV2
166 Country Music
175 Boomerang
179 Discovery Kids
183 Learning Channel
185 Hallmark
203 Bloomberg Info TV
214 Weather
222 Home Shopping Network
228 Shop NBC

Not bad, huh????

You can call to find out about your Dish Network Programming at:

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