Monday, May 2, 2011

washing water bottles

Lately, with my son having so many sports events to go to, I've been forgetting his reusable water bottle and having to stop and buy bottled water.  I hate to add to plastic usage.  I do recycle, but it still seems like a waste of money for both the water and the bottle to throw in the trash. So...I've been washing them in warm soapy water and reusing them.  I know that it may be harmful to run them through a dishwasher with high heat, due to the plastic seeping toxins, but I figure, warm soap can't hurt!  I love reusing stuff, even tiny steps to save money and our earth make me feel good!

Plus, my three year old doesn't spill with this kind of lid!!

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  1. Love your blog, Cant wait to read more. Stopping by from tues blog hop, Have a great week, Please follow back :)

    Thanks so much

  2. Water bottles with those tops are the best! I like to use those with my twins too.

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  3. Hi, AnnaBean is a new follower from the Tuesday blog hop. I did a post on water bottles and recycling last week haha! I use the aluminum bottles so I don't have to worry about reusing and recycling plastics.

    I'd love if you could follow back as well!