Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DIY project- yard sale bird feeder

A couple of years ago, I found this neat metal bird feeder at a yard sale for 50cents! It was all rusty, but I could see potential.  I hadn't gotten around to hanging it, because we don't even feed birds, but this winter, my son had a school project to hand a hand-made bird feeder.  The two kids and I have absolutely loved feeding and getting to watch the birds, so I took on the yard-sale bird feeder project!

I was super easy.  I took it apart and painted it with Rustoleum Hammered Enamel spraypaint. (I spray tons of item with this wonderful product!)  It was so quick and literally looks like new!  In the picture, it had just gotten rained on and may look bumpy from water drops, but it is smooth and like new!  I love it and so do the kids!

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