Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Making a list for my day!

I took note from a couple friends who are list-makers.  I knew I had a pile of errands that I needed to run, so I made a list.  I listed each place that I needed to go, what I needed to take with me to each place, and checked each off as I gathered the needed items.  Set everything by the front door, then headed out (with my list)! 

Jeweler- take both watches to be fixed, ring to be sized, and necklace to sell      check
Bank- list of questions for banker, cash check from jeweler                                check
Costco- grocery list, coupons I want to use                                                        check

Make a stop at home to drop the groceries

Lowe's- take back 2 gallons of incorrectly mixed paint, wrong parts, receipts     check
Walgreen's- list, coupons, note to pick up pictures                                             check
license bureau- paperwork, money needed to get new tags                                check

I took this list and all items along with me and marked them off as I got them done....ALL done (with a three year old)!!  AWESOME!  Making a list kept me from going in circles and forgetting half of it!  YAY!

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  1. i am a list person them! now following