Sunday, May 22, 2011

Homemade collars for her animals

My daughter is three years old and she absolutely loves all her little animals.  She plays vet, petshop, trainer, and even loves to be a pretend animal herself!  Since she has quite a collection of stuffed animals, she is constantly trying to make collars and leashes out of anything she can find around the house...I get so upset when I find her with all my dental floss pulled out and it tied around the animals necks...ARGH!  So, her and I decided to have a "collar making" night. 

We dug out beads and string.  Sometimes we use yarn to make "friendship" collars by braiding them with pretty colors.  This is a project that I keep in a little bag so that we can take it with us to her brothers games and doctor office's! 


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  2. So cute. :)