Friday, May 4, 2012

Quilter's Convention in Kentucky

Last weekend, my husband, the kids and I took a trip to Kentucky to see my family.  While getting to see my brother, sister-in-law, and my adorable niece was wonderful, it wasn't the only reason for the trip.  We have gone into business together and have started promoting Visalus.  It's a healthy/weight loss product that all of us are loving!!  We are super excited to share this and got a great deal to set up at the local quilt convention.  It was the first time we had promoted at an event.  We got together some great visuals, brought the laptop to play videos, and set up an awesome booth.  We got to meet some amazing people, I love meeting and talking to new people!

I made this right before we left...i was proud of myself!

Regina's 1st $100 bonus from Visalus!!!

The  "quilt" convention was more like a treasure trove of people's passions.  Booths were set up with all kinds of products and crafts.  The quilt section was full of intricate pieces of hand-sewn artwork. Some of the wonderful people we met that had neighboring booths were...

This was the brightest collections of Tupperware i've ever seen! There are several things that I am gonna have to have!!

For all your Tupperware needs, contact:
Jerrie Freeman  (270)437-4791 or

We met Donna at her Avon booth, she had an extensive collection!  I especially liked the jewelry, I am starting to wear more accessories!

For all your beauty, fragrance, and avon needs, contact:
Donna Cullen (270)703-0272 or 

Another nearby booth had the most adorable hand-made crafts!  The windchimes were made with silverware!  They had the most creative ideas...we are going to purchase some more about talent!
This is Regina sporting the "visalus green" hand-made scarf!
This is made with fringe and the flower, all out of t-shirt
material!  She made some that were long scarfs with
twirls...I want a grey one for winter!

To check out all of the wonderful gift ideas, contact:
Vintage Creations

After the convention, we hosted a Challenge Party at Regina's house and got to share the Body by Vi Challenge with lots of people!  This was an awesome weekend to see the family that I love AND to get to share health and wealth with newly made friends...a total success! 

If anyone is interested in learning more about Visalus or getting healthy by joining us in the Challenge, visit:


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  2. That is very bright tupperware. Hope you didn't spend too much.

  3. Thanks for stoppping by, I am now following you as well. Good luck on your weight loss.. I am always looking for new ways to be and stay healthy. Stop by often, I love sharing everything I lean!!

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