Tuesday, May 15, 2012

cheap treats for my expensive dog

My great dane, Sophie has developed food allergies, possible food intolerance, and inflammatory condition.  YIKES!  This means that I spend a small fortune on her hypoallergenic venison and potato food.  It also means that I can't just give her snacks and treats...treats are hard to find and since she can only have venison..they are super expensive.  I was giving her ice cubes and then the vet told me the number of tooth extractions that take place weekly due to cracked molars...ugh!  My poor puppy has tummy trouble and then is deprived of snacks too.... 
I finally found something else that I can give her...frozen green beans. I found a huge bag of them at Costco...she loves them and looks forward to her snacks throughout the day!

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