Saturday, July 14, 2012

Healthy and smelling good!

I have been on a search for a good deodorant that is aluminum-FREE.  I started out looking on the ingredient list of each and every deodorant at Walmart, Target, and Walgreen...each and every one of them had aluminum as the main ingredient. I figured there would be a really expensive, all natural choice somewhere local that I would splurge find. I have even looked up recipes for making your own deodorant from arrowroot powder, coconut oil, and baking soda or cornstarch, just thought it would be easier to make that splurge of a purchase for the first try. 

Now, as silly as this sounds...I'm not even sure what has prompted this "all of a sudden" opposition to deodorant containing this ingredient.  I do know that in the past I have heard that it can cause breast cancer.  With freshly shaven skin and lymph nodes near...putting such an ingredient so near breast tissues and then harnessing ourselves (keeping the harmful chemicals that have been absorbed) right around the generalized area...I really have no data to back this up(although there are endless studies and Internet articles arguing it). I know that I will not want Taylor, when the time comes, to wear this type of deodorant near her newly forming little body.  Why not just make the change and be safe???

I finally stopped in an Organic Nutritional Shop and found an all-natural deodorant.  At first I liked it, but it was a bit sticky and smelled...weird.  Eventually I couldn't stand the scent.  Believe it or not, I found the perfect aluminum-Free deodorant.  TOM'S 24 hour odor protection natural deodorant.  This particular one is aluminum-free with no artificial colors, fragrance, or preservatives. The scent is "fresh apricot" and I do not like the smell of apricot, but this is light and I love it!  It goes on easily and smells good all day!  Even working in the yard and an all day outing to the zoo on a  near 100 degree day...I'd say it passed the test!  Wanna know the coolest part?!?!  It was at both Walmart and Target all along.  It was at the very top isle and regularly priced.  I believe it was around $4...that is why i missed it...who would think that a natural based product wouldn't cost and arm and a leg?!? 

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