Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time to De-clutter

It's time for the kid's consignment sales, so my mind starts thinking of what I can sell!  I love the feeling of de-cluttering my feels great to only have what I actually USE in a room!  To help me do this I have designated boxes or tubs in each room to sort with. 

One box is for DONATE- the box is one that I can just close up and set out for a donation pick up.  Be sure to get a receipt for tax deductions.

One box is for items I take to the local resell shop- must be items "in season" & ready to sell.  I use a bag or box that I can part with, and leave there with the items, to make it easier to drop off and leave it.  Brown paper sack work great for this!  I make 50% of the sale price and they do all the work.

One box is for my kids consignment sale items.  It is usually a plastic tub that I label Spring or Fall...they stack easily downstairs for storage and they are easy to carry around and deliver to the sale with.  I always get my tubs back to reuse again!  Big money maker and way to rid of outgrown clothes/toys!

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