Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kool Aid Summer Fun

Kool-Aid is sponsoring Family Movie Night on hub..Friday nights @8est !!!

They also give some great summer fun tips like:

To get in some playtime with your kids, start a game of tag, hide and see, Simon says, or red light/green light!  Remember these games from your childhood?  None of them require a single item and they are FREE to play, no excuses now!!

Set up a kool-aid stand during a yard sale or on a corner street in your neighborhood!  Help your kids learn about selling and making change! 

Set up picnic play dates at local parks.

Enjoy summer evenings with family BBQ's, movie nights (rent them at the library for FREE), board games, or even camping out in your own back yard! 

What's your favorite FRUGAL thing to do in the summer???

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