Sunday, January 15, 2012

Healthier Meatball Subs

Here at Money Saving Momma, I'm all about saving money, but if I can save calories too....that's a bonus!

For these yummy meatball subs, I hollowed out the hoagie rolls to cut some carbs/calories. ($2.00 @ aldi's)  I saved the crumbs that I dug out, drizzled them with olive oil & garlic salt to save for a salad...homemade crunchy croutons! 

I bought turkey meatballs from Aldis for $3...healthier than the alternative and inexpensive!  I put them in a saucepan with Aldi's all natural spaghetti sauce (no high fructose corn syrup and cost $1.20).  Let it simmer.

I toasted the buns, added the meatballs and sauce, topped with mozz cheese, then popped them back in the broiler for 2 minutes...nice and melty!  YUM!  I sliced some green bell pepper & white onion for added veggies on top.

This recipe is kid son ate 1 1/2 sammies...that's huge for him.  My 3 year old asked for more and more meatballs.  I served this with a simple spinach salad, drizzled with evoo & lemon it!  PLUS, there is plenty leftover to make some pasta and have spaghetti tomorrow! If I add in the price of tomorrow's pasta, I will have spent a total of $10.50 for two complete dinners for all four of us!  That's pretty good!

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