Monday, January 23, 2012

Less is More for Valentine's Day!!!

I was reading the most recent issue of All You mag and realized that we save money around Valentine's Day too, and really get to enjoy it at the same time...

Instead of Going out to Dinner....plan a special dinner at home with or without the kiddos.  Heart-shaped grilled cheese with tomato soup, picnic style by the fire, s'mores over the fire, creative!

Instead of giving Boxed Candy...make your own together with your love or invite the kids to help and make it a fun and creative family occasion.  Cut an assortment of fresh yummy fruit and dip in melted dark chocolate or white chocolate, add pink/red sprinkles to make it special.  Dip pretzels, popcorn, crackers, or fingers!!!! YUM!!

Instead of spending a small fortune at the Florist...consider this:  Personally, I am not a "flower loving" type of gal...seems like a waste of money because they die...I prefer a live plant...I have dropped the hint that I'd love some small herbs for my kitchen window, something that can be used for a long time.  Flowers or decorations can be added to a live plant to make it seasonal and pretty! 

Instead of spending money on a card....write your's soooo much more special and you don't have to dig through the card section, reading tons of cards, trying to find "the one" that says what you feel...nothing is better than your own words!  OR, better yet, we have the same two cards that we gave to eachother 10 years ago, we dig them out and write a special addition to it each year, it's fun to read the previous year's comments to see how we have changed and what has stayed the same....our love!  lol!


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